If you lack it, seek it.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post, but I’ve had all these ideas floating in my head and finally, all the ideas stopped floating and one finally roared, “Choose me!”

As I was driving home from missional community just about an hour ago, I began thinking about a student I taught who always struggled with being aware. What I mean is this: This student would intentionally/unintentionally run into students when getting into line, step on their feet, get in their “bubble,” make Darth Vader noises (I kid you not.) You name it. Day after day, I would constantly remind this child, “Be aware of your space. You are too close to that person, etc. Whatever words I could find in my brain to convey the importance of respecting people’s space and developing a sense of awareness, I would speak it.

As these memories were brought to my mind, I thought- that’s exactly why I taught this child. I taught this child to relate it to my current life. Let me back up.

As you read the story of this student and even as I write it, it’s easy to be like Geez! That child will never get it/is out of line/etc. At the same time, I think about how often we are often unaware, even as grown adults. We are not always aware of our words and actions and the lasting impact it can make on another human being.

The joke that offended someone, but got the whole group laughing? The unwillingness to get to know someone because of what you’ve heard about them? The insensitivity to a certain group/groups of people because of stereotypes. This and more.

As our MC studies through Revelation, the beginning chapters include great things the seven churches are doing coupled with areas of growth. As I reflect on the scripture, it makes me think about why it was necessary for John to write these letters. The more I think about it, the more I realize that God wanted them to be aware of the seriousness of their sin, along with developing an awareness of God’s jealous love.

All this to say- I firmly believe the more aware we are of God and His expectation for the Christian, the more sensitive and aware we become towards the things of God.

Before we make the joke, say a rude word, commit a rude action to others/yourself, let’s think twice and ask God to grant us a stronger sense of awareness.

A question: 
1. What is an area of your own life where you need to become more aware either of God/the way you treat yourself/others?