Choose to Compliment.

“UGH!” She retorted. Not a second passed before she looked at me and realized the gravity of her one word comment. Another child had won a prize and well, this little one had not. Instead, she got the “teacher look” from me and within a few moments, she was completely aware of the effect her words had on another student. She proceeded to quickly apologize and replace her frustration with a word of encouragement.

Why do we have such a hard time encouraging others when things are going well for them?
If people have done well, there seems to be an underlying movement of individuals who struggle to congratulate someone. Instead, it is met with the criticism, envy, and jealousy. Granted, our real feelings aren’t always verbalized, but we know. You know yourself. I know myself. Yes. We are a broken people.

I’ll confess. I’ve had to check myself about my reactions and responses when I’ve heard of wonderful things happening for people. I’ve had to sit back and ask God to shift my heart’s posture because it was not pretty. Why is that?! Why can’t it be easier to encourage and uplift others? #aworkinprogress

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – James Keller
-Amen & amen.

For those who do this in a pure and automatic way, kudos to you. (Please teach me). I am learning! For those of us who are learning, it’s always important to check the heart and its intentions. If we recognize there is even the slightest ill-feeling, pray. As simple as it sounds, really ask the Lord to shift the position of your heart and mind. Along with this, be honest with yourself and identify if this is an area of growth for you. (It’s okay if it is). So, the next time you hear of any exciting news that’s happening to someone other than yourself, check your response.

So today, let’s think about how we can compliment instead of criticize. The next time we hear of something great happening for someone, let’s be the first. Let’s be the first to congratulate and celebrate others. Let’s create a culture where we lift others up.

With love,signaturedimage

4 thoughts on “Choose to Compliment.

  1. Great post! Encouragement is such a challenging but simple and POWERFUL thing. This post did an awesome job capturing exactly what that moment feels like when we react negatively to another person’s success. I work daily to find a way to turn my heart the other way. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Hey Sharon! Great word – encouragement is free to give and can have such a huge impact on others. My family loves to periodically read “Positive Words, Powerful Results” to soak in that message for a while. Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you, and keep writing!!


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