Post 001 – Revamp



The unraveling of the past 50 days.

I had selfishly created a culture of branding myself for the glory of God.  During these past 50 days, the reality of my heart stood out and pierced through my soul and the dagger pierced a bit deeper and deeper. I contemplated, I reasoned, and I argued. Surely my intentions were pure with engaging with others to simply have them engage with my content. It was your typical give to receive relationship. This is how it was supposed to go, right? Surely this was just the stepping stone to ensure that my blog would get glory. Do you see where this is going? Mentally, I had convinced myself that all these social media strategies were absolutely critical to ensure that my platform was receiving its due glory. How silly of me to simply fall upon the waves of social media and hope that my “innocent act” of hashtagging and engaging in blogger pods would carry my Instagram account to the shores of women’s ministry.

Ugh. My flesh. How rotten it is.

I know God deserves the glory. I know He alone is worthy of that glory. Who am I, but a mere mortal? I know that. But, does my heart know that?

I confess. I apologize. I let go.

I have let go and will have to let go daily. This life, by no means, is about me. It was never about me and will never be about me. It will be about how we encourage one another, challenge hearts, and ensure we are in proper communion with God & His word. This is a platform for souls & stories to be shared, received, and heard.

Time for revamp. #001

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