Post 003 – transition

In a span of 48 hours, I have managed to move into a new apartment and workplace. These steps were not surprising. I had been anticipating them for many weeks now and the time had finally come. Tennis shoes on, boxes packed, car loaded. This was it. It was finally happening. But first, let’s rewind to the past few months of sitting still.

During this day and age, I don’t really know if I’m very good at sitting still. There’s always something to occupy my attention. This could range from checking my phone to checking    out the latest addition at Five Below. (I know. I need help!) All that to say, God has been faithful even though I didn’t spend a lot of time reflecting and thinking about that during my season of transition.

I think it’s difficult to reflect and be thankful when your season of transition remains just that. Starting in March, I began to make plans to move from the classroom to becoming a literacy interventionist. This job would allow me to coach reading teachers and pull small groups for reading. This was the dream, friends!

I interviewed to get into the pool of applicants. I made it. Then, the e-mails came.

One email after another came clobbering through my inbox. As each email came expressing the school’s interest in my ability, the level of pride increased simultaneously. Fast forward. That pride translated into being present in my first two interviews. I had it. I knew I did.

But, what do you do when those schools decide to hire someone else?

The first school never called and the second school politely expressed the fact that they had gone with someone else. As quickly as a popped balloon deflates, my pride immediately vanished.

The season of transition continued to be just that. A season of transition. Nothing. Nada. Silence.

As it goes, I began to retrace my steps and question whether or not I had heard God correctly. I doubted the fact that He had indeed called me to move to this position. I suppose you conjure all these thoughts and false truths in times of uncertainty. With two rejections, I had one last interview. Would I be 3 for 3?

Sitting in my car before my last interview, I cried tears of sadness and expressed my uncertainty to God. In that moment, I invited Him in and let Him take control of the pain, the sadness, the uncertainty, you name it. Should this have been my first step? WITHOUT A DOUBT. But ah me, human me.

Long story short, I stepped into the interview and shared my answers to their questions. As I listened to their responses, I heard the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit say, “This is it.”

And sure enough, to the true character of God, He remained faithful.

I received the job offer and will begin in the fall. I say this as a reminder to myself and to you, the reader. Since my mind and heart were so concerned with the end goal, I missed out on precious moments with God. I neglected moments to understand Him and learn from Him.

Let’s not get carried away with waiting for the season of transition to ultimately end. Let’s fix our eyes on what God wants to teach us in the midst of it.

Are you or someone you know in the midst of a transition? How can you remind and encourage yourself/them to remain steadfast in God?

3 thoughts on “Post 003 – transition

  1. I remember vividly my season of transition after I ended my 2 years with TFA. I thought I was done teaching but God was like, “No no no, it’s not time yet.” And I’m still in the classroom, resting assured that this is where God wants me at the moment although the desires of my heart is yearning for something else (and He knows this). That period of waiting was so difficult for me but I learned so much about Him during that waiting period.

    I am happy for you as you transition into this new season of yours! 👏👏🙌🏾🙌🏾


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